• DN25 full bore electric timer valve 110V
  • dn25 electric time control valve 220V
  • Electric timer control valve 230V
  • DN25 electric time controlled ball valve
  • 1 inch motorized timer control valve 2 way brass
  • 1 all metal gears electric time control valve

DN25 full bore electric actuated timer valve with all metal gears in actuator, AC/DC9-24V or AC110-230V electric time control valve with CE certification,1 inch electric actuated time control valve for tank drain water

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1. Parameter specifies

Working voltage : AC/DC9-24V/110-230V (optional)

The time for keeping valve open: 0 H : 0M :0S --99 H 59 M 59 S

The time for keeping valve closed: 0 H : 0M :0S --99 H 59 M 59 S


Design feature: 
1. All-copper gear design, high accuracy output torque, especially for multi-channel scaling system. 
2. Small size, compact structure. 
3. A variety of control methods, either to accept remote valve position control signal, but also the feedback Signal in place for computer intelligence unit testing. 
4. Good sealing performance.

For occasions: 
1. IC card water meter, heat meter. 
2. Air-conditioning fan coil, fire sprinkler. 
3. Solar energy drain valve, high efficiency water-saving. 
4. Automatic control systems, university water system, small scale industrial automation    equipment, environ-metal protection.


Technical Parameters:

Product size

1" (DN25) 

Maximum working pressure


Circulation medium

Cold/hot water,<50% glycol 

Rated voltage

AC/DC9-24V, AC110-230V (optional)

Working current


Life time


Valve Body material


Actuator material

Engineering Plastics

Sealing material


Actuator rotation

90 degree

Max. torque force

2 Nm

Cable Length


Environment temperature

-15 to 50 centigrade

Liquid temperature

2 to 90 centigrade

Manual override




Protection class



2. Timer specification

4. On the normal working state, the displayed time is valve keeping time. (E.g. Valve keep open time is 10 S, will count down 10S)

The “: " is flashing, indicating the "HS (hours): MS (minutes)"‘.

The “: " is bright, indicating the " MS (minutes): SS (seconds) “.


4. Stalling protection function

When the actuator is detected stalling, it will run in reverse direction .when reach to open or closed position, and do the close or open action again, mean well displaying flashed 0000-0001 on screen (indicating the current retrying times). If it fails at third retrying, the valve will stop running and display ERRL on the screen.

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